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As technology and media converge, people are more connected than ever. This shift to empowerment means that brands must interact with their audiences in new ways in order to remain relevant. We believe that every engagement is an opportunity to expand on positive brand experiences that keep consumers engaged in their journey to loyalty.

We listen closely to our client’s needs in order to create a wide-reaching and effective brand marketing PR strategy. Listening and establishing a trusting relationships is part of what makes our brand marketing public relations agency so successful.


Media and entertainment are at the forefront of what drives pop culture. At McCaffery Media Group, our entertainment team represents some of the industry’s biggest stars and some of the most viewed content. We are behind top web series to the hottest TV shows, and award-winning films. From established music artist to athletes, we stand behind our clients’ visions. Our entertainment PR agencies specialty is developing consumer activations and communications centered on core values that connect audiences with a brand or celebrity. Once a communications strategy is developed, we use our deep connectivity as an entertainment PR firm across industry verticals from entertainment to tech, retail and consumer to mainstream broadcast media to create relevance, engagement, passion, and attachment that translates to fandom.


The social and digital landscape is complex and ever-changing. It needs to be integrated into every element of your marketing strategy. It requires a team that is deeply rooted in expertise that is solutions-based, who can provide guidance and transparency, while being collaborative and innovative. At McCaffery Media Group, our philosophy is data-driven, consumer focused and action oriented. The work we do for our clients is grounded in a methodical approach to generate proven results.